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Imagine a community of agile supporters willing to get you unstuck when you need it. 

This is not your regular online community. 

It’s an agile lifeline.

AgileMentors allows me to ask questions and get inputs from agilists around the world. There is always a new situation or a tweak on an old situation. It is invaluable to get different perspectives, learn what has been tried, what has worked and what has not worked. I enjoy answering questions. It allows me to put my thoughts down which helps me solidify my thinking. I consider it 'sharpening the saw'.

Susan Harkins
Agile Coach
FM Global

I love Agile Mentors.”

The Agile Mentors Community is a global community of sharp, savvy developers, Scrum Masters, product owners, agile coaches, and more.

The same shared struggles—solved daily 
Whether you’re new to agile or a seasoned professional with wisdom to share, everyone is valued, listened to and respected.


Fresh ways to solve old problems


What makes this forum different?

It’s lively - members post every day on common problems, advanced learning opportunities, and their favourite hacks. 

It’s engaged - No tumbleweeds. If you have a question you’re going to get (great) answers.

It’s respectful - No tantrums, no snarkiness, just positive, helpful people.

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Want to know how agile works in the real world? 

Struggling to manage difficult team members or stakeholders? 

Questions about advancing your career to a leadership level?

And we’re missing you!

Here’s what some of our 1600+ members have to say...

As an Agile Mentor, I get to network with a wide range of Scrum Masters who are all at different stages in their Agile journey.”

Robert Navarette, Sr.
Scrum Master
Charles Schwab

The most valuable thing to any “Agile Mentor” is inspiration!”

If you are not inspired by Agile values & principles, and their ability to “uncover better ways of developing software” then you will have a difficult time leading to teams to greater productivity, efficiency, and effectivity. AMC is another convenient, valuable avenue to engage your fellow Agile enthusiasts.

Chris Hurney
Lean/Agile Consultant
Inspirado Consulting

This is an awesome community willing to help others along in his or her agile journey.”

What you are likely to find in this community is someone who is or has gone through what (or something very similar) you are currently facing in your journey.

Gary Smith
Process Engineer - Agile Coach Boeing

Some days I am knee deep in AMC reading, digesting, and responding.”

Some days I’m nowhere to be found. No matter your experience level, time available, or lack thereof, AMC is the best trove of wonderful people giving rich perspectives on a myriad of Agile topics around.

Nathan Knisley
Scrum Master

The best thing about AMC is you are not alone!”

Thanks to the diversity of the experience, roles, personalities, industries, and aspirations of the community, conversations are lively, humorous, supportive and timely.

Eva Dice
Scrum Master
Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions

I think of the AMC as a “low noise” place to seek help/ideas from people who really want to be Succeeding with Agile.”

As such, I participate to expand my understanding of different ways to do that and to help others do that.

Scott Duncan
Lead Coach & Trainer
Agile Software Qualities

I can come to AMC and know that I can safely ask questions and get constructive and helpful responses.”

I enjoy reading all the topics as I am pulling so much useful information to bring back to my own job and my team.

Jen Lange
Product Owner
Harris School Solutions

AMC provides a forum where it’s equally safe to pose challenging points of view, as well as to ask for help.”

It is a place where you know others are committed to advancing the Agile community by providing actionable mentoring.

Corey King
Enterprise Solution Architect for Jira Align


Support from people who want you to succeed



No question left behind! We have the answers you are looking for

Jump start your career from first job to leadership role


Our high engagement community is a go-to for getting your most pressing questions answered quickly!

Join the popular Q&A Video Sessions (with indexed transcripts and audio)


Want Mike to answer your question?

Incredibly popular with members, you can turn up live, post a question in advance or catch up by reading the transcript or watching the recording.

If you have something you’d like to ask Mike specifically, this is the only place you can do it.

"The Agile Mentors Community is my preferred place for getting and giving agile advice.”

Mike Cohn
Founder (and community member)

The Agile Mentors Community was founded by Mike Cohn. As one of the world's more sought-after and well-respected scrum trainers he's been promoting a practical approach to implementing agile for over twenty years. While we can't guarantee that Mike will be there to answer your questions personally, he hosts many of the Q&A calls and is regularly seen in the community discussions.

Our lean coffee events were such a hit, we're now running them every month!


Missing intelligent, social interaction this year?

Each month you can join in with this online discussion event. Vote for the topics you want to talk about, the instructor helps guide, and everyone can be involved.

This is a great way to start participating, you can watch, add messages to the chat or turn your camera on and shine. 


Since 2015, Mike has been sharing a weekly snippet of advice to his subscribers.

More personal than his blog—often featuring his family (and 2 dogs)—he lifts the lids on the personal agile lessons and experience that have shaped his career.

This is the only place you can read the entire volume of these adventures. 


Developed exclusively for your use, this Planning Poker® tool allows you to play multiple games with any number of users.

Your guests don't need to be members. You can mark items as favorites and use them to estimate new items.

While estimating you can view an item, its acceptance criteria and notes, plus edit and add backlog items.


If you have a scrum certification from the Scrum Alliance, you’ll need to earn a set number of Scrum Education Units before it expires.

Depending on the type of certification you have, this could be up to 40. If you don’t have enough SEUs, you could lose your certification.

These SEU resources are included in your membership: 

  • Monthly Q&A calls (including the 60+ archived recordings of previous calls)
  • 30+ Guest Webinars (including the archived recordings)
  • 7 x Presentations (Included in your content library are 7 presentations worth 1 SEU for each presentation - total = 7 SEUs)

Shape the community to YOUR needs


Search the forum for answers, watch the Q&A session, attend the events. Stay updated regularly.

Get specific answers and solutions to your problem, as and when you need them.


Wondering what’s next in your agile career? We have plenty of experienced members only too willing to share their paths to leadership roles


How does everything stay so well organized?

One of the great advantages of being part of this community is having: 1) a vehicle to pose questions to our peers and share answers, and 2) a source for networking."

Laurie Irish-Duncan
Scrum Master
Fidelity Investments

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I am enjoying being an Agile Mentor and part of this community so much, because it’s finally a perfect valuable place to share and solve daily challenges along like-minded professionals."

Peter Becker
Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Fresenius Medical Care

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Cort Sharp
Community Manager

Cort Sharp is our our community manager who keeps the pulse of this great community beating. He is approachable, knowledgeable and dedicated to your needs. 

You'll see him in the community as well as hosting live events like guest webinars and the lean coffee sessions.

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The ONLY AI tool trained on all of Mike Cohn’s materials. Get agile answers at your fingertips with GoatBot, included in your membership. GoatBot has been trained on Mike Cohn’s materials including: 

  • Every book he’s published
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